Karma Police

Le clip a été tourné par Jonathan Glazer. Selon la rumeur, Thom a eu une intoxication au monoxyde de carbone durant le tournage du clip : il serait tombé dans les pommes sur I lost myself.

Thom : It means things will catch up with you.

Slant Magazine : Before Jonathan Glazer made the successful transition from music videos to feature films, he was directing commercials for Levi's, Volkswagen and Nike. The London native has also produced some of the more cinematic videos to hit the MTV airwaves. Though his clip for Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity won the 1997 Video Music Award for Video of the Year, it is his work for Radiohead and U.N.K.L.E. that remains his most daring. Glazer claims that his video for Radiohead's Karma Police was inspired by a bad dream. In this creepy revenge clip, a car slowly follows a man running down a desolate road. When the man turns to face his potential killer, the car pulls back only to reveal a gas leakage in its wake. Glazer's remarkable use of point-of-view implicates the spectator in the clip's action but it's the spooky way with which he fashions a Möbius strip from karmic irony that makes Karma Police one of the more memorable clips of the last few years. (lien)