Shot By Both Sides
This and that, they must be the same
what is legal is just what's real
what I'm given to understand
is exactly what I steal
I wormed my way into the heart of the crowd
I wormed my way into the heart of the crowd
I was shocked to find what was allowed
I didn't lose myself in the crowd

Shot by both sides
on the run to the outside of everything
shot by both sides
they must have come to a secret understanding

New offences always in my nerves
they're taking my time by force
They all sound the same when they scream
they have to rewrite all the books again
as a matter of course

I wormed my way ...
Shot by both sides ...

'Why are you so edgy, Kid ?'
asks the man with the voice
one thing follows another
you live and learn, you have no choice

I wormed my way ...
Shot by both sides
I don't ask who's doing the shooting
shot by both sides
we must have come to a secret understanding

we must have come to a secret understanding
version originale
1978, album Real Life
1978, single Shot By Both Sides
version de Radiohead

Reprise surprenante d'une chanson qui fait penser aux Sex Pistols. Radiohead ne l'a chantée qu'une seule fois sur scène, durant la tournée Big Top.

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Real Life

Sorti mi 1978. Pour des extraits de l'album : Real Life

  1. Definitive Gaze 4:25
  2. My Tulpa 4:47
  3. Shot by Both Sides 4:01
  4. Recoil 2:50
  5. Burst 5:00
  6. Motorcade 5:41
  7. Great Beautician in the Sky 4:56
  8. Light Pours out of Me 4:36
  9. Parade 5:08
basse, chant
Barry Adamson
guitare, chant
Howard DeVoto
Dave Formula
Martin Jackson
guitare, clavier, sax
John McGeoch
John Leckie (comme sur The Bends !)
ingénieur du son
John Leckie
ingénieur assistant
Haydn Bendall

Magazine's debut album Real Life is an edgy collection of terse punk-pop songs that are turned inside out by complex, unpredictable arrangements and shards of atonal keyboards. The undeniable peak is the classic Shot by Both Sides, but the entire album, with its cerebral fusion of concise pop songs and dark, evocative instrumental textures, helped establish the difference between punk and post-punk.

Le groupe a existé de 1977 à 1981, mais a sorti 5 albums en 4 ans !

After leaving the Buzzcocks in 1977, vocalist Howard Devoto formed Magazine with guitarist John McGeoch, bassist Barry Adamson, keyboardist Bob Dickinson, and drummer Martin Jackson. One of the first post-punk bands, Magazine kept the edgy, nervous energy of punk, adding elements of art-rock, particularly with their theatrical live shows and shards of keyboards. Devoto's lyrics were combinations of social commentary and poetic fragments, while the band alternated between cold, jagged chords and gloomy, atmospheric sonic landscapes.

Magazine performed its first concert in the fall of 1977 and were signed to Virgin Records by the end of the year; by that point, Dickinson had left the group. The band recorded their first single, Shot by Both Sides, as a quartet; Devoto had written the song with his former Buzzcocks partner, Pete Shelley. Appearing in early 1978, the single gathered good reviews on both sides of the Atlantic and charted in the U.K., peaking at number 41. Before they recorded their debut album, keyboardist Dave Formula joined the lineup. Real Life, released later in 1978, continued the confrontational, arty pop-punk of Shot by Both Sides. Following their first tour, Jackson left the group and was replaced by John Doyle. The new lineup recorded the band's second album, Second Hand Daylight.

Shot By Both Sides
My mind
It aint so open
That anything
Could crawl right in

The last place
To lose yourself
Is in the world
Where we all cling

Oh my lover
We are opening
Windows we see
All that we've seen

A vivid room
It is sunshine
Got things to do

My Life
Happens around me
Your life
Happens around me too

My mind ...
The last place ...
Cling to it

Sorti début 1978

  1. Shot By Both Sides
  2. My Mind Ain't So Open