you're being took for a ride
putting on the lazy
please keep moving
better keep moving
don't fall asleep at the wheel
i waited for you but you never came
please keep moving
better keep moving
please keep moving
better keep moving

(kinetic kinetic kinetic kinetic)
version originale
21 mai 2001, Pyramid song
bits and pieces are added to 'kinetic' - phil sets up his electric kit triggering samples, it works well and could be the basis of an interesting backing track. [...]
journal, 3/2/00
[...] upstairs at the moment nigel and thom are doing 'something' to kinetic. [...]
journal, 8/2/00
[...] jonny and i are let loose on fucking up phil's drum sound. hours of fun as coz might say. starts off by phil doing some drums on 'kinetic'................... [...]
journal, 28/2/00
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dapply sunlight from the trees planted 100 yrs ago/breese moves islands f snlight ver the clothes f th people lng dwn on the pavemenkinetic kinetic kinetic 1234567

"We've hit a few crops so far. It's not much fun. It's scary and physically hard work. You can lose your way in the dark and have to jump into ditches or nettle beds to avoid the police.
i go
:I dont do this out of an infantile need to be an environmental member of the SAS. I think there are about eight groups working like us. People pulling up crops range from the old left to the DIY culture. People really feel a sense of necessity and duty; I feel personally affronted and outraged.
If you believe in something you should act now."
.... ....

speak until the tape runs out
play back the tape
until the story is finished