Neil Young *9
[...] highlight of the day is attempting 3 part harmonies on "neil young *9"- not the harmonies themselves, but phil cracking up because he feels a bit like that drummer from the eagles. a fucking brilliant rehearsal. its great to be in our band.
journal, thursday july22 1999
[...] finished by playing 'neil young *9' or as cozzie calls it the 'phil is don henley' song. It sounds even better today. [...]
journal, friday july23 1999
[...] did an interesting band version of 'bombers' which thom has attached to what i used to call 'the neil young' song...we may play it some time later this evening. [...]
journal, 10/1/00 - 19/1/00
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an indifferent voice
cuts life or death like margarine
appliances in a bezerk frenzy
smash up my kitchen
i sit here feeling my pulse
wondering what it would feel like if it stopped
i write a list of stuff i need

ice cubes

neil young