We looked at all the unofficial sites and felt like they were doing all the standard stuff well enough if you wanted photographs and lyrics and things like that, there were lots of things we wanted to use, like stories we had written and bits of artwork. The site became a dumping ground for all these twisted ideas.

So, I've really just spent the last week looking around It's interesting! Every time I went in I'd find something I hadn't seen before. When did you figure out what you could do with a site of your own?

We had a website on OK Computer, and we used to go on Radiohead bulletin boards when we were working. We just couldn't get over that you could do that, and we were coming out with all this complete crap, you know, while we were working, putting it up on the site, because it's a really interesting thing to do. No idea whether anybody was going and looking at it or not, and I was into that -- it's kinda like a sketchbook. When we started recording this one, it was something important for us to do. For me it has been, ever since we started after OK Computer, it's been a way of getting back a little bit of our own space and not have it mediated by the press basically.

In a democratic way?

Oh no! Well, in a very disorganised way. Whatever anyone wants to do, or not. If people can't be arsed then that's fine, too. When we set it up it was really, not try and force it at all.
Juice, 2000
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