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The Bends

Sorti le 13 mars 1995
25 mars 1995 : 6è (uk)

  1. Planet Telex
  2. The Bends
  3. High & Dry
  4. Fake Plastic Trees
  5. Bones
  6. (Nice Dream)
  7. Just
  8. My Iron Lung
  9. Bullet Proof..I wish I was
  10. Black Star
  11. Sulk
  12. Street Spirit (fade out)

    et sur la version japonaise :
  13. How Can You Be Sure?
  14. Killer Cars (version électrique)

La boîte (23x30 cm en plastique transparent) de la promo allemande comprenait, outre le CD, une feuille de bio, 2 photos couleurs et une cassette vidéo avec les clips de High & Dry, Creep (live), Vegetable  (!) et You (re !).

Ces titres ne tiennent pas compte des CDs de live ajoutés dans les versions françaises, ni le double album incluant Pablo Honey. En fait, ces lives mentionnés ci-dessus peuvent être le single Pinkpop (pour la version hollandaise), ou les Live à l'Astoria ou Live au Forum (pour les versions françaises).

colin phil ed
suite... jon thom

Thom : I came to the realization I was being selfish in the past, and that was a good thing. It happened after The Bends. A drunk bloke comes up in the bar or a girl comes up in the street and says, 'Thank you, that record helped me through a difficult time.' And you stop being the selfish wanker you've always been.

Thom : I can be very drunk in a club in Oxford on a Monday night and some guy comes up to you and buys you a drink and says that the last record you made changed his life. That means something.

Phil : The Bends was an introspective album... There was an awful lot of soul searching. To do that again on another album would be excruciatingly boring.

Phil : It's inevitable that people look at us like a one-hit wonder, because that's all they know of us. But Creep came along eight years into our existence; we've always been progressing. I think The Bends puts Creep in its proper place.