Kid A

dédié à Leo, le fils de Phil
(Kid A, le premier enfant du groupe ?)

Japon (Toshiba) me 27 septembre 2000
Europe (Parlophone) lu 2 octobre 2000
USA + Canada
(Capitol + EMI Canada)
ma 3 octobre 2000
  1. Everything In Its Right Place
  2. Kid A
  3. The National Anthem
  4. How To Disappear Completely
  5. Treefingers
  6. Optimistic
  7. In Limbo
  8. Idioteque
  9. Morning Bell
  10. Motion Picture Soundtrack

Les rumeurs qui ont précédées l'annonce officielle de la sortie de l'album (voir ci-dessous) mentionnaient pureasfiction, giant cogs turn voire Emperor New Clothes (ou ENC) comme titres possibles.

For us to work on our own in these various locations was like coming full circle, back to before we signed a deal and we were just making demos. It would just be the five of us and a little recorder, and it was a very unselfconscious way of working.

Stanley, why Kid A?

Stanley Donwood
mmm. why OK Computer?
theyre all mad.
message board, 6 juillet 2000

Who's responsible for the title?

ctually my sequencer is responsible. That's what my sequencer called the opening melodies of that song. I have no recollection of writing it at all. Then I found it, and it was called "Kiddae".

Can we talk about your artwork? Is it your friend Stanley, or is it you?

Stanley really does most of it.

It's cute. He seems like a funny fellow. So, is it his visual stuff?

It's just basically happening all at the same time. In our studio we have everything set up in different areas of the same space, so when things are going on that I'm not interested in with the recording then I go upstairs with him and do stuff. It normally ends up being something that we've come up with together, because either one of us... If he goes off on his own it doesn't really work and if I go off on my own it doesn't really work. So I end up in our studio collaborating all the time, walking into a situation cold and walking out again. That's my role, really. It makes me really happy because I have such a short attention span, but one of the things I'm good at is being able to spark people off.

It seems as though there's a lot of editing and refining going on...

Ha! Yeah, everything we ever fucking do is editing, this whole album was written... I don't even think the songs were written, they were edited! You know what I mean? It's really weird. It suddenly dawned on me last night. I started thinking about it, the only writing involved was chucking out the crap, and that went on for... It even went for how the music was put together, which was really weird.
Juice, 2000
troisième promo, cartonné comme un livre d'enfant.

Le livre comprend sept pages, et le CD est encarté dans la huitième (constituée de deux pages collées). Cliquez ici pour des scans des pages et trancription des textes.

Les dessins sont des peintures de Stanley et Tchock (abréviation de Chocolate Farm ?). Par exemple, le tableau de la page 5 est un morceau inédit du long poster officiel de la tournée de juin, avec un ours blanc énorme.

Un volet comporte la suite du texte sur la fonte des réserves glacières de la planète, et une adresse internet.

deuxième promo disponible (après la version confidentielle d'EMI, un simple gravage artisanal)
Les tampons pour chaque disque varient en fonction des pays.

À propos de la pochette, on peut y observer trois visages semblables tournées vers le ciel... Non ? Kid A, B, C ?

Bien qu'interdit de séjour dans l'Empire du Milieu pour participation trop active aux Tibetan Freedom Concerts, Radiohead a sorti Kid A en Chine.
ok this is the drill. put hands on ears and close eyes tightly. curl up under desk.
Release Date: OCTOBER 2ND [this may differ in parts of the planet]
Album Title: Kid A
the tracks on it are these:
1 Everything In Its Right Place
2 Kid A
3 The National Anthem
4 How To Disappear Completely
5 Treefingers
6 Optimistic
7 In Limbo
8 Idioteque
9 Morning Bell
10 Motion Picture Soundtrack

mmm. now its official. go to an unofficial site for rumours and other fun stuff. you can find links to them on and
Lots of stuff done. Suddenly our out-tray is bigger than our in-tray.
message board, 16 mars 2000
we have a room full of tape. some of it on the floor. some of it in the bin. most of it unnamed. dont panic.
message board, 6 mars 2000
not sure at the moment. we have a lot of unfinished stuff to finish. next year sometime. did you know we have to plan 5 months in advance of anything happening. its completley daft.
fin 1999, à propos de la date de sortie de Kid A
weeeell, we've finished seven songs, but aren't sure how many of them are useable....but we're working on it. Remember that there's a 3 month delay between us finishing and a record reaching gramophone emporiums everywhere.
message board, 27 novembre 1999
so what i'm actually saying is that the recording part of this record will be finished in a couple of days......but you know if we're consistent in our behavioural patterns, then you might finally hear something in the autumn of '01............after arguments over track-listing, running orders, etc.........who'll be the first to suggest the quadruple album mixed in surroud sound?
....................might throw it in there myself to stir things up a bit.....the running order for an album is so important...... i don't think you have any idea how vital it is until you actually fuck it up which we did big time on the first record.....for 'OK Computer' it was a nightmare, agendas had been set and at one time it was like bloody horse-trading............. "if you want 'let down' on the record then it only makes sense if 'electioneering' is on there too"......maybe it won't be such a torrid experience this time........somehow i don't think so and that's probably right anyway.
journal, 16/4/00
[...] actually the truth is that at such a crucial time of the album........tracklisting, rehearsals, titles, arguments and full on fist fights......i probably haven't been at my most objective........there is however one cert in my mind....i fucking love this record now........and that's not me attempting to whip others into a kind of mass marketing aren't we great type's the god's honest truth, governor..........
journal, up to june 8.......a long time
Nigel Godrich with Radiohead
Gerard Navarro
engineered and mixed by
Nigel Godrich
additional engineering
Gerard Navarro and Graeme Stewart
Chris Blair
Abbey Road Studios