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w.a.s.t.e. # 10       Hello. It's been a long time since the last installment: a period which takes in a Japanese tour, plus dates with R.E.M. and Soul Asylum, and festivals in Europe. Unfortunately, due to the excesses and rigours of the road, my addled memory cells will only take me back to as far as last week. I will try to back track a little further.
Most recent personal highlights include hanging out with Vudi and Mark Eitzel from the now sadly defunct American Music Club. They were one of my fave bands, whom I discovered via their ace album, 'Everclear' in 1990. All their other albums preceeding this one are utterly fab, and you should check them out if you haven't already. Mark and Vudi came to see us play at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, on Thursday, October 12th. Afterwards they took me to an Italian bar, where I got pissed on a drink called a 'cosmopolitan', and we rambled on about how great Pulp and Supergrass are.
More recently still, we shot a video for 'Street Spirit', which involoved staying up from 6pm to 7am for two nights, and hopefully loads of cool effects involving something called a photosonic camera. The guy who directed it, Jonathan Glazer, did the video for Massive Attack's, 'Karmacoma' , whom we like loads.
We've just finished supporting Soul Asylum-I'm typing this after the last show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas. Dave Pirner wanted us to come on stage and 'jam' after their set, but we're not too well versed in the Rock Standards, so we had to decline, and everyone went to hit the gaming tables instead. So, back to Blighty and a long awaited U.K. and European tour-I hope you get to see the tour and enjoy it as much as I've been looking forward to it! Lots of love, Colin.

dear w.a.s.t.e.oids,
it's okay. everythings okay.
except i am developing a paranoia about people going through my garbage(rubbish) like they do in Beverley Hills
R.E.M. made 1995 really mind blowing for us. now i just want to keep it all for myself. anyway i wouldn't know where to begin.
these things slip through your hands, "waking up was sheer delight for him. he always shared a naive and simple amazement at the discovery that he was back on earth, he was sicerely pleased." Milan Kundera-'The Unbearable Lightness Of Being.'
thankyou for being interested tolerant and supportive, and thankyou for all the perverted letters.
wish you were here love thom.x

Dear 'W.A.S.T.E.'r..
'Good to be back, good to be back', as Gary Glitter once penned and sang, or though I doubt it refers to returning home after a tough U.S. tour after all his equipment was stolen; more likely his very words as he entered the gates of his favourite Scottish Whiskey distillery. Yes, The last three weeks in America was hard, after the gear was ripped off, but as Keith Richards once said, 'Shit happens', and at least no one was hurt.
The R.E.M. dates were however a Utopian Tour Experience, not only a wonderful band, but lovely, lovely people. I was talking to Tom Gorman of Belly, (who also toured with them) and we decided that it was about time that an R.E.M. Appreciation Society should be set up by bands that opened up for them. I only hope I didn't disgrace myself too much upon introduction to Peter Buck, as I bombarded him with nerdy music questions regarding their first album, 'Murmer'. He was very understanding in the face of a total fan.
Many thanks to those of you who attempted to console me over the Man. Utd. defeat of last season. Well, we're out of Europe and the Coca Cola Cup, so keep writing. I'm trying to be positive and taking that, 'At least we can concentrate on the Championship and the F.A. Cup' stance.
A big thank you to all those who came to see us in the U.S.,(even after a year and a half's absence), Japan and Europe, I think we managed to play some half decent shows. We look forward to seeing you, yes you, in the U.K. and Europe.
Essential tour listening: 'Gideon Gaye' by The High Llamas: 'It's Great When You're Straight...Yeah', Black Grape; 'Grand Prix', Teenage Fanclub; Glenn Campbell's Greatest Hits; 'Shaft', Issac Hayes; 'Home', Spearhead. The Order Of The Red

Guitar, (TOOTRG) no longer exists, and in view of what we own at present, it will have to be The Order Of The Grey Guitar Plectrum (TOOTGGP). It goes this quarter to Tony Benn M.P.,( a lifetime achievement award) for his continued integrity, and good humour in the shitty world of politics. See you soon. Love Ed.

Hi. My name is Philip and I have a sugar problem.
It all started innocently enough-just the occasional chocolate bar whilst socialising at playgroup. It helped me relax. I really thought I could handle it. I chose to ignore all those tell-tale signs of my escalating habit-the discarded wrappers of the solitary sweet eater, the midnight binges on chocolate and cola. And now its threatening to destroy all that's precious in my life-my teeth.
You join me here in Los Angeles with the most unbearably nauseating toothache. However, this is just a minor blight on a couple of months which have witnessed the inaugural meeting of the 'Phil Is Great' fanclub in Japan, tours with Drugstore and R.E.M., and our contribution of 'Lucky' to the 'Help' album.
Anyway, when this tour is over, I'm checking into the Nutrasweet Rehab. Centre.
Just remember: sweets-just say no!

Dear w.a.s.t.e.r.s,
right now my mind is on the people who stole our instruments, and, specifically, the person with my guitar, which will no doubt end its days having Green Day songs worked out on it. A better fate was deserved-and while the reverence given to guitars annoys me, I shall miss it. Less of a '63 sunburst mint and more of an '89 battered wreck it may have been, but Emily loved him. My only comfort is knowing that whoever has it will find it unplayable, with it's Heath Robinson buttons and bolts all over it, and hopefully throw it away.
We're two days into the U.K. tour as I write this, and everything being new has put new life into us. I hope you got a chance to see this tour. Write soon (enclosing witty-yet-realised-too-late-heckles). Love Jonny G.

Tour news
: 9th Nov. Holland, Tilburg-Noorderlight; 10th Nov. France, Paris-Cafe De La Danse;
11th Nov. Strasbourg-La Laiterie; 13th Nov. Dijon-Le Vapeur; 16th Nov. Spain, Valencia-Arena
Auditorium; 17th Nov. Madrid-Pacha; 18th Nov. Barcelona-Zeleste 2; 20th Nov. France,
Montpelier-Le Rockstore; 21st Nov Italy, Milano-Propaganda; 22nd Nov. Firenze-Tenax; 23rd
Nov. Cesena-Vidia Club; 25th Nov. Germany, Munchen-Chatterhalle; 1st Dec. Sweden,
Stockholm-Gino; Lund-Mejeriet(The Dairy); 4th Dec. Holland, Amsterdam-Paradiso; 5th Dec.
Belgium, Brussels-La Luna Theatre.
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