waste 9

dear w.a.s.t.e. reader,
we decided that we'd all write something for the newsletters now coz we can't decide how it should sound. babbling, we have discovered, is a good option, when all else fails. the stuff I most wanted to put down was things I've been reading about the situationalists! but maybe not yet instead I found this inscription in a museum In Oxford

"I take upon myself the burden of all
suffering, I am resolved to do so
I will endure IL I do not turn
or run away. do not tremble,
am not terrified, nor afraid, do
not turn beck or despond. The whole of living beings, I must rescue.."

I thought that was the best thing to put, thankyou so much for still being around..
love Thom p.s i hope i don't sound like an evangelist. that was not the intention!

Following the Melody Makers response to the deluge of letters from suicidal and distressed readers, a benefit album for the Samaritans is to be released in conjunction with One F.M. We are contributing a version of Street Spirit recorded for One F.M.'s 'evening session' to this record.
Having once been a Samaritan volunteer myself, I've seen at first hand the care and support offered to suicidal and desperate callers by this group of people. Callers find an opportunity to talk about and examine extremely painful feelings in a way which everyday life may not allow. Often just the act of sharing these feelings with someone who is actually listening can make them seem much more bearable. The Samaritans will always respect the confidentiality and anonymity of the caller, and will listen non-judgementally.
The Samaritans can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, either by phone, visit or letter in the U.K. The number of the local branch can be found in the telephone directory. They are also part of an international organisation, Befrienders International, so this service is offered world-wide.
So buy this record, Bye Philip.

Postcard no.1, why is 'no' number, when there's no 'o' in number?
So here be i in Cleveland, waiting outside a venue called 'Peabody's Down Under' which flooded last night, and is set to hold tonights musty gig.
Before we go and squelch our way around the carpeted stage for a sound-check, i think i'll try getting a guitar out of the club, and work on some of the new songs -'Uptight', being the only one with a slightly definate title, although Thom prefers 'Subterranean Homesick Alien'. The fact that the chorus consists of only one word 'uptight' four times, and the words 'Subterranean', 'Homesick' and 'Alien' are nary mentioned elsewhere, worries him not. You've got to admire that, (c.f. 'Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong'.)
Love Jonny G.

Ed's contribution,
Greetings and salutations from a somewhat dejected Manchester United fan, so I guess if you're not interested in matters regarding football I should move swiftly on to one of the others contributions. Although there were those who believed United were on for the double, I for one was less than optimistic. After Blackburn clinched the title, it was inevitable that we would lose to Everton and as they say, the cup was won by the best team on the day. I should have known that things were going to go sadly away when I turned up at our manager Chris' house to watch the game with his family and our other manager Bryce, to find an 'EVERTON FOR THE CUP' banner over the front door, and was made to drink the obligatory pint of lager in an Everton glass...... (so ff you know of a Manchester United supporting management team, please write to D.E.F.EA.T.E.D. c/o P.O. Box 322, Oxford, 0X4 lEY).
Anyway enough of things football and consequently traumatic. I am writing to you from the very beautitul Montreal, about a third of the way through the first leg of our North American tour. We are fortunate enough to have David Gray and his band open up for us and I implore any of you who have not got 'A Century Ends' by David Gray (on Virgin, 1993) to go out and buy it - you must also see them live; they are truly wonderful. Many thanks to all of you who came to see us on the U.K. tour and make it one of the most enjoyable ever embarked upon - the Oxford and London shows were particularly special. Anyway I must finish here and get back to some good old fashioned tour hanging around; Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones was so correct when he said of 25 years in Rock 'n' Roll- "5 years of playing, 20 years of hanging around."

Hello! I'll just be brief. Strangely enough, I've been doing much the same things as the others... I had the good fortune to see 'Tricky' do a show in a small club called 'The Bank' (it used to be a bank) in New York. Recently, I've just finished reading a fantastic book called 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' by Louis De Bernieres (or Louis De Bumhole as Jonny has just unamusingly said). I'm now starting a book called, 'Samarkand' by Amin Maalouf, an account of the life and times of the Persian poet and sage Omar Khayyam. Music I've enjoyed listening to at the moment has included Supergrass, 'dope on plastic'; and an E.M.I. 'kitsch' compilation called 'The Sound Gallery'.
Anyway, I hope this brief note finds you all well and dandy, and please get in touch and tell us what you think of this slightly-different edition of w.a.s.t.e.
Goodbye 'til next time, Colin

The 'Answerphone' fan club pack advertised in w.a.s.t.e. #8 is now complete. For £5 or 14 I.R.C.s (international reply coupons), you can be the proud owner of a sixteen page booklet containing a full biography, lyrics for Pablo Honey and lyrics for the My Iron Lung E.P.s., comments by the band on the making of The Bends, personal files and some great photos. Also a poster and a very funky chunky 'r' badge. Hope those of you who have already got the pack have enjoyed browsing through it, and we trust you are wearing your badge with pride! Here are the names of the ten lucky winners of the prize draw: Tim Swann, Keith Brown, Darren Dootson, Reiko Nakogawa, Lisa Michalski, Mat Beny, Adam Craze, Akiko Machida, and in Brazil Elaine Emi Uezu, and from Spain Elena Zamora Monreal; hope you like the goodies! If the sales spiel has grabbed you, then send a cheque made payable to 'Radiohead', or a postal order or 14 I.R.C.s to:

'Radiohead Answerphone'
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