et voici la deuxième version de la lettre w.a.s.t.e. 6
WASTE 6 PO Box 322, Headington, Oxford OX4 1EY

With more peaks and troughs than a Californian
seismic reading, 1993 left us feeling shaken if not a
little stirred.

Despite the lows of the "Pop is Dead" tour and our late
cancellation at Reading, the year was punctuated by various
high points. We had chart success, initially in the UK, with
"Anyone Can Play Guitar" and "Pablo Honey" and then world-
wide with "Creep". We also appeared on "Top of the Pops" and
national chat shows in France and in the States. Extensive
touring in and outside the UK met with good responses as
well. Finally, "Creep" featured quite convincingly in the end of
year polls.

We suppose you'd claim that you've put us where we are today,
and that you've stuck with us through thick and thin. We suppose
that you want gratitude........well, OK then, Thanks!


For conduct below and far-short of the call of duty, we've been awarded the following distinctions: gold dics in the USA & Canada; silver in the UK; the 3M Award for Most Innovative Album of 1993 (whoop!); Single of the Year in Select and Melody Maker (also second brightest hope for '94); an NME Brat, and a Brit nomination. We've also been mentioned in despatches - none other than The Observer has tipped us as "one of the bands for '94".


USA - Some people never grow up. Why did we make three transatlantic crossings in about as many days?



Well, upon arrival in the USA for the Fall tour, Tim Greaves, our long-suffering tour manager, was overwhelmed by our cries of "Again! Again!" and "The more you scream the faster you go". In the tradition of all good parents at the fairground, he dutifully paid our fares and sent us for another ride across the Atlantic.
However, we did make an appearance on Top of the Pops during our UK
pit stop. Then we returned to The States and started our extensive
co-headline tour with Belly. Highlights included our appearance on the Conan O'Brien chat show and Thom and Tanya's duet at the end of each gig.

Support was provided initially by The Bats, and then by New York's finest The Werefrogs.

CANADA - We next headed north for a four date tour of Canada. With routing worthy of a British Rail diversion, we played a gig supporting Tears For Fears in Las Vegas, halfway through the tour. They subsequently went on to play 'Creep' in many of their shows, whereas we went on to do more touring.

EUROPE - To round off the year we supported James on a six week tour of Europe. This took us to Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and eventually the UK. We played some of our best shows on this tour. It also taught us a few things. First, if you want an ego boost, tour in Portugal. Secondly, if you want a personal life, stop touring. We did both.


How do you withstand the rigours of life on the road with Radiohead, turn 30, and still retain your fresh boyish looks? Ask Tim Greaves, our tour manager. To mark this amazing feat, a Radiohead tribute band, Faithless And The Wonder Boys, was cobbled together for Tim's birthday party in Reading. Bearing a marked resemblance to the five loveable moptops from Oxford, they played a set of material overheard at recent Radiohead rehearsals for their second album.


We've just finished the main part of recording our second album, crafting out blistering chunks of aural history with producer John Leckie (Magazine, The Stone Roses, Verve, Ride).
However, as we were all pining for the life on the road we decided to break up the recording with a tour of Europe, Japan and Australasia over the next couple of months. Then we'll be crawling back into our cocoon to put the finishing touches to the album which will hopefully metamorphosise into something even more splendid and pleasing to the ear!


The first single is now expected to be out in September and the album in January.


Not being able to sit still for very long we're embarking on a tour of Europe, the Far East & Australasia in May and June but hopping back over in time for Glasters. Here's a rough guide to where we're likely to be:

7 Spain Seville
9 Barcelona
10 Madrid
12 Italy Milan
13 Cesena
14 Biella
15 Firenzi
18 Switzerland Zurich
19 Lucerne
20 Lausanne
21 Germany Munchen
22 Koln
25 UK Manchester
26 Wolverhampton
27 London
4 Japan Tokyo
6 Osaka
7 Nagoya
8 Tokyo
9 Tokyo
12 Hong Kong
14 Australia Perth
15 Adelaide
16 Melbourne
17 Brisbane
18 Sydney
20 Sydney
22 New Zealand Auckland
26 UK Glastonbury


Don't forget, 'Pop is Dead', the Radiohead
Fanzine is still available from:
Val Savage,
6 Arundel Court, Beadham Drive,
Manchester, M9 3QS, England.

Also radiohead's new Information Line.
Call us and leave a message on:
(0235) 848261

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