thom et les voitures

orsque l'on voit cet alignement impressionnant de chansons ayant un lien plus ou moins direct avec les véhicules automobiles en général et les voitures en particulier, on est en droit de se demander quel type de traumatisme a bien pu endurer le chanteur / compositeur / parolier. Ici, c'est surtout le parolier qui nous intéresse. Et dans une moindre mesure le concepteur des clips, quelques fois.

Thom : I've been in two accidents myself. One was serious, and I could have died. I was really young, and I had just got a car and spun it off the road, and was very near to being hit by two other cars coming the other way. I missed them by inches. Then you have that thing where you walk away from the car and you just ask yourself, 'Well, why am I lucky? Why am I allowed to walk away from this?' when you constantly hear of friends who die in car accidents for no reason. It fucks with my head completely. The day we have to stop getting in cars will be a very good day.

airbag in a fast german car
i'm amazed that i survived
an airbag saved my life
i wish i was
In L.A. if you drive round in a limo in the wrong area someone might resent it and shoot randomly into the blacked out glass.
egyptian song a moon full of stars and astral cars
all the figures i used to see
fitter happier a patient better driver a safer car (baby smiling in back seat)
car wash (also on sundays)
inside my head Ça parle de monter dans une voiture et de défoncer le magazin où je travaillais. J'en avais tellement envie !
karma police le clip !
killer cars évident...
let down transport. motorways & tramlines. starting and then stopping.
maquiladora Fast Toyota, burns rubber
Blue and white birds stepping hard on the pedal,
Interstate Five
runs straight down the middle
molasses jet-powered caravans, molasses
optimistic the optimist will drink and drive the really nervous wont survive
sell me a car that goes
sell me a house that stands
i never cared before
rabbit in your
stupid car évident...
yes i am you are always there
outside the car